Does your Business Need a Security Guard? 10 Signs That Point to 'YES'


A businesscompany must take responsibility to protect their employees, customers, andassets. Do not think that only big businesses orbusinesses that are making huge turnovers experience security threats andrisks. Even small businesses including retail outlets, provision stores, andmore are becoming victims of security crimes. If you do not want to encountersuch security risks in your business premises, make sure to employ a security guard

Here are the tensigns that might insist you to hire the security guard for your business needs.

1. Parking Lot Concerns

Walking to youroffice's parking lot at night can be unsafe or insecure if it is not bright or illuminated.In such cases, you need to employ a security guard to ensure the safety ofpeople walking to and around the parking lot.

2. You Are in a High-Crime Environment

If your companyis located in an area that is known for high crime rates and incidents, youmust consider appointing a security guard.

3. You Are Experiencing Retail Theft

If more retailthefts have been reported in the surrounding areas of your company, you mustthink about securing your company's assets and valuables by appointing asecurity guard. If a well-trained and armed security guard monitors yourcompany, they can prevent the thefts and safeguard your possessions.

4. You are Sharing Your Premises

If you aresharing a parking space with a company that serves alcohol, then you can expecta lot of security issues to your employees especially to women. In such cases,having a security guard protecting your parking lot will help your employeesfeel safe and comfortable.

5. High-Traffic in your Office

A business thatexperiences frequent visits should seriously consider employing a business security guard. A place thatis monitored by the security guard round the clock is safer and less targetedby criminals or intruders.

6. Your Safety Program Goes Thin

Many smallbusiness companies have in-house safety programs that secure the assets andvaluables of the company. However, if these programs are not supervised orreviewed regularly, you can expect dissatisfied results. At the same time, asecurity guard can serve as a security officer and address the safety meetings.

7. You Need Assistance in Emergencies

Security guardsare trained and equipped to manage a wide range of emergencies including ,criminalincidents, medical emergencies, and other emergencies. They will act swiftlyand responsibly against these emergencies to help you.

8. You Are Worried About Liability Issues

If an accidentor injury is caused to your employees at work, your company has to takeresponsibility and compensate for them. Asecurity guard can help you in the workers' compensation cases by determiningthe faults, which can lessen the compensation amount to be paid.

9. Your Record-Keeping Professionals MakeMistakes

If your record-keepingprofessionals make mistakes either accidentally or intentionally, a securityguard will notice that and report to you on time.

10. You Have More Safety Issues

Employing asecurity guard that consistently works to reduce security risks creates a saferenvironment for you and your employees.