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Building concierge services for apartments and corporate offices

Concierge services in Melbourne have experienced significant growth over the years. With passing days, more people are understanding that concierge services are highly beneficial in making life easy. In the past, concierge services were limited to hotels. Today, this service has crossed that limitation and entered residential apartments, corporate offices and even in our daily lives.

Through this blog, let’s have a quick look at how concierge services are helpful in apartments and offices.

A concierge is a person who serves the employees and residents of offices and apartments respectively. They handle most roles and responsibilities of a receptionist focusing more on customer service, often acting as a representative of the office owner or apartment owners and sometimes a caretaker as well.

They work 24/7 so concierge services in Melbourne have trained security guards to act as concierges for late-night shifts. That adds an extra layer of security to the premises. Moreover, when these people take the role of a concierge, you get all the benefits of both.


Benefits of having concierge services in office and residential buildings

Getting building concierge services in Melbourne improves and eases living lifestyle. Jotted below are some benefits of having them.

  • Building maintenance: Concierges acting as caretakers keeps the building in shape. They carry out maintenance checks, identify repairs that need attention and inform the building authority about it. They also work hand-in-hand with the security guards for the same.
  • Handle mail and deliveries: Concierge service takes off the worries of losing mail and deliveries. Anything that is delivered to the building address is kept safe with the concierge. They can deliver them to your doorstep or you can collect them later.
  • Increased safety: Guests cannot go past the concierge. They have to wait in the lobby till you give permission. In case you do not know the person, you can come down and meet the visitor or tell the concierge that the person is unknown. He will politely take care of the rest.
  • Help with carrying luggage: Whether you have guests coming or you are leaving, call them. They will help with carrying the luggage to or from the car. They will also escort the guest to your residence saving them from getting lost especially in huge apartments.

Some other duties and responsibilities that concierges carry out which are beneficial on the other way are:

  • Works together with reception staff to attend guests
  • Helps with booking building facilities
  • Make reservations and travel arrangements
  • Books tickets for theatres and events
  • Make dinner reservations
  • Arrange chauffeur car service

When concierges do these tasks, you have more time for yourself. You can have more fun or spend them with your family.

With the fast-paced Australian lifestyle, getting a personal concierge in Melbourne means saving more personal time each day. Personal concierges act more as full-day personal assistants. Some of the things they do are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Packing for relocation
  • Declutter and organise
  • Carry daily errands
  • Housekeeping work
  • Plan your parties

By now it is clear that having concierge services in offices, apartments and even for personal needs is extremely beneficial.

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