Mission Security Services Security will remove worries for clients who require security guards for their buildings, facilities, visitors and events by providing excellent customer service for clients and in-depth training for their own employees on how to stay vigilant and proactive. Our competitive advantage is we work very closely to our clients to deliver their desire security goals, we have weekly meetings and every valuable feedback is noted and implemented the very same week to make sure client sees and feels the change right away. Mission Security is a start-up security company founded by Muhammad Hasan, an experienced security officer, business manager and Information Technology manager. Located in Melbourne at its launch, the business is providing security guard services to residential and business complexes and religious organisations in Melbourne.
In the current political climate, with increasing fears of terrorist activity and the current economic climate, which promises an upswing in general and in outsourced services especially, Mission Security is working with the best resources available to provide a safe environment for everyone. Mission Security is servicing religious organisations and their buildings, protecting them against unwanted visitors, thefts and vandalism. Mission security also specialises in protecting residential and business complexes in Melbourne in order to establish a strong understanding of people’s needs and assist them with our specialisation in these areas of security and customer service. We are helping the residents of Melbourne to protect their car parks, shops, venues, multi-story buildings, skyscrapers and their business complexes.

Team work, commitment and dedication, and an environment of continuous improvement in the provision of service to our clients is extremely important to Mission Security. Within our company we have team members from many different cultures and backgrounds, and our staff and management team actively support the diversity awareness and tolerance policy; supporting our place within the market as an equal opportunities employer.

We are committed to these values and believe that, by maintaining these values, we will lead Mission Security to further success in the Future. Mission Security ensures that everyone in our organisation is treated with respect and dignity, appreciating individual characteristics as well as cultural diversity.

We constantly aim at improve the standard of excellence in everything we do. At Mission Security we set the standard in security services, by which others in the industry are judged. We actively encourage our team members to constantly search for innovative and creative solutions to security issues.




Our security model is based on Asian and European security practices in Churches and religious buildings, where trained officers are used to help identify security threats inside the churches. These officers are regular security guards hired and trained to look after the security needs of the churches….

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Our security staff works as concierge to greet tenants and guests and ensure the safety and security of the building. The concierge security staff help assist with coordinate the moves in the building, place protective covering on lifts during moves and monitor the building access….

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We have a number of permanent staff onsite as well as patrolling to respond quickly to alarms. A secure site will also help deter building site theft and vandalism, common issues on Australian construction sites, with 39 per cent of builders affected according to a survey of 7014 residential builders….

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