Construction site security in Melbourne is gradually becoming more of a necessity rather than an additional option due to the large number of construction projects that are underway in the city. The primary focus of construction site security revolves around protecting the site and everything within from any potential external threats. A construction site is perpetually pronet to criminal acts like theft and vandalism. As such, any security solution needs to focus on protecting specific assets and preventing their loss. This is why having comprehensive construction site security services is extremely crucial to maintain a safe and well-maintained construction site.

At Mission Security Services, we provide security for construction sites, so that you don’t need to worry about the safety of your workers and the raw materials that you leave behind. While the most common tactic to prevent any adverse events on your construction site is the use of boundary restrictions like fences, lockable gates and chains, they can all be circumvented by a vandal or a thief who wishes to gain access. To provide complete and comprehensive protection, you need to go with construction site security services that have complete control not only over the access of the site but also over the entire layout.

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A 2008 report by the Australian Institute of Criminology, found that more than 40% of builders were affected by acts of theft occurring in their construction sites. This is because construction sites have a vast abundance of raw materials like copper power tools and water heating systems. When left unguarded, many thieves have also made away with heavier equipment. With comprehensive security measures in place, like an alert and well-trained security team, the risk of these events occurring will be lowered by almost 90%. The same goes for vandalism. While it may seem like a relatively lower risk event than theft, nothing could be further from the truth. Vandals can cause a significant amount of damage to a construction site and can also cause irreparable damage to certain projects on the construction site that may be underway. This not only sets back construction timelines but also delays the project and ends up costing the site owner a significant amount of money.

A well-trained team for construction site security in Melbourne will ensure that the access points to the construction site are closely monitored and will conduct constant patrols to ensure that any vandals are deterred once they see the increased level of security. A well-trained and comprehensive construction site security service can ensure that all of these problems are put to rest.

They will not only have complete control over the entry and exit points of the construction area but will also be able to immediately address the risk or possibility of any adverse incidents occurring during the process of construction itself. This makes construction site security in Melbourne a necessity not just for saving you a lot of money, but also ensuring that your workforce can continue their jobs without suffering any injuries.

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